Composer / Musician

Microsoft 7 Film Festival

Joff’s Notes:

The brief for this was “epic, epic, EPIC!” Epic? What flavour? We tried the Braveheart-war-tragedy-epic style but there was too much smiling and it didn’t quite feel right while the Zimmer-goddamn-hero-epic style just wasn’t much fun either… Morricone! Yes an ‘Ecstasy of Gold’- style epic-ness seemed to be bold enough while tapping into an iconic movie sound. Incorporating elements of that sound really made the score feel like a fun (and epic) tribute to the history of films and film-making.


The Hive, Microsoft

Director / Editor

Gabriel Dowrick


Trumpet: Alex Grodecki
Guitars: Ack Kinmonth
Vocals: Tamara Hanson