Opening Titles Check it out HERE.. About: … More about this soon Synopsis: Bluey is an inexhaustible six year-old Blue Heeler dog, who loves to play and turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures, developing her imagination as well as her mental, physical and emotional resilience. Joff’s Notes: Joff’s notes coming soon

Bluey, Strange Chores, Updates

Hi everyone! As you can see this website is horrendously out of date. I’ve been very busy writing music for The Family Law, Robbie Hood, The Strange Chores and of course BLUEY with some other great musicians. Best to catch me on socials for the time being for better updates while we smash out some […]


Very cool to be part of the team writing music for Australian Survivor. More soon, but you can check it out on Channel 10 or here:


About 30sec TVC / Online spot for Ezibuy. Keeping it classy.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

About: Part radio, part comic, this unique storytelling series unites the two finest forms of storytelling: radio and pictures. Synopsis: For Michelle Law, the signs of alopecia started emerging when she was a baby, but it wasn’t until the beginning of high school that she lost her hair entirely. Since that time, her feelings have […]

Another Country

Another Country Trailer About: Another Country is an incredible documentary feature everyone should definitely watch. Synopsis: “Molly Reynolds’ Another Country is the stunning culmination of the critically acclaimed Country suite (featuring her Still Our Country – Reflections on a Culture, MIFF 2014; and Rolf de Heer’s Charlie’s Country). Narrated and guided by Gulpilil himself, Another […]

Sketchy Show

About: Sketchy Show is a series of heaps and heaps of ‘micro shorts’ broadcast on Cartoon Network Synopsis: “Real sketches come to life in the real world!” Joff’s Notes: Joff’s notes coming soon

The Family Law

Trailer Check it out HERE.. About: The Family Law is a heartbreaking and brilliantly funny TV series “Welcome to The Family Law, the story of a sprawling Chinese-Australian family of seven who are unlike any you’ve ever met. And yet, they may also be disturbingly familiar.” Synopsis: Based on the best-selling book by Benjamin Law, […]

Snake Sheila

Synopsis Imagine, you get in your car, you turn the key but there’s a hissing noise coming from under the bonnet. And it’s NOT the radiator. You lift the bonnet to reveal… two enormous carpet pythons making out. S-s-s-snakes! They seem to be springing up everywhere in Brisbane of late but there’s no need to […]

Happenings – all of the shows

It’s been a busy few months here in the studio. Finishing off the 52nd episode of Doodles on ABC3, Sketchy Show’s first season for Cartoon Network and The Family Law – which should broadcast next year on SBS. Oh, and Snake Sheila (Snake Boss in Australia) is on Discovery’s Animal Planet in the UK and […]

Jurlique: Precious Hands

Jurlique: Precious Hands from Edward Copestick on Vimeo. About A beautiful moving spot for Jurlique by Edward Copestick Credits: Copywriter – Gary Williams Cinematography – Boris Vymenets Producer – Margo Lowry Art Department – Laura Murray Gaffer shoot #1 – Remy Bournoville Best Boy shoot #1 Beau Moulson Gaffer shoot #2 – Reg Garside Best […]

Dog Squadron

About Puppies, planes, action and puns collide in DOG SQUADRON! The thrilling tale of Sergeant Stubbs, the nervous young commander of Dog Squadron, who must lead his litter of misfit pups against the barking-mad General Woofenstein, Furry Führer of the Luftwoofe! With an all-star cast including Matt Milne (Downton Abbey, War Horse), Bruce Spence (Mad […]

A Thoroughly Wet Mess

Check it out HERE.. About: A Thoroughly Wet Mess, produced by RN’s Creative Audio Unit, is a new take on the traditional radio drama. This eight-part mystery is RN’s inaugural podcast-first serial drama. Start from the beginning… Synopsis: Step aboard the Mary Celeste II, a replica of her namesake, which in 1872 was discovered deserted, […]

Music/Sound Award Winner “Wael Zwaiter : Unknown”

Joff Bush has just won the best music part of the best music/sound at the Green Room awards in Melbourne. Big congrats also to Jesse Cox (director/writer/narrator) and Sonar’s Luke Mynott (sound designer) who share this award. Success!


VETUS is a multi platform series that’s currently in development. It’s story is told through a live action web series, a comic book and a game. Plot Summary: The year is 1476. An immortal woman named Rosa is tasked by her late father to guide humankind towards the light in the dark days of medieval […]

Wael Zwaiter : Unknown – Nominations

Awesome to announce that Joff Bush has been nominated for best music along with the super-talented Luke Mynott (Sonar) and incredible Jesse Cox for a shared ‘best sound/music’ category in the 32nd Green Room Awards. Find out more about the show in the ‘projects’ section.

Maximum Choppage

Unfortunately Joff Bush has been flat out on many things to keep recent updates happening. BUT emerging from his nest of musical delights to say: Check out Maximum Choppage on ABC2 this Tuesday and on iview after that. Read more in the “Projects” section…

Maximum Choppage

Maximum Choppage is a 6 part kung-fu comedy TV series for the ABC. Plot Summary: Simon Chan has returned to his hometown of Cabramatta. Whilst everyone thinks he was studying at a legendary martial arts school in Beijing, the truth is he was at Marshall’s Art School, in Melbourne. Skilful with a paintbrush but clueless […]

The Voice In The Walls

About An interactive performance for 9-12 year olds at Old Government House by Imaginary Theatre, presented by QUT Precincts Victor and Mary are voices from the past, lingering like ghosts within the walls of Old Government House. They need help to bring their stories to light and right the wrongs of history, and there is […]

The Hunger Games Sketches

Some fun little sketches for SBS comedy to kick off the latest Hunger Games films. There’s a bunch of them up there and on the SBS Comedy site to satisfy your inner film nerd.


About: Check it out on ABC 3 Kids… Airing now 🙂 A cool series from Emmy® Award winning funny people! We take kids drawings and turn them into funny 15 second movies! Yeah? Doodles is a multiplatform, interactive, animated comedy series that takes real people’s drawings and turns them into hilarious micro animated movies which […]

Things Are Going Really Well

Plot Summary: Costumed in a wig and mustache, Violet visits the man she has been seeing in an attempt to understand his sudden coldness towards her.

A Lady & A Robot

Plot Summary: A young lady falls in love and elopes with her family’s butler, who happens to be a clumsy cardboard Robot from the future. Tropfest finalist for 2014!

A Man On The Edge

Trailer: About: When a troubled man on a cliff top contemplates suicide he is interrupted by an unexpected stranger. Joff’s Notes: Above you can check out the trailer for this great short. It’s kicking some serious festival goals at the moment including a ‘Best Score’ award at the Long Island Film Festival. I hope to […]


More on Timothy soon. I insist that you check it out 9:30pm Wednesday 8th October on ABC. About: Melinda (Denise Scott) and Colin Garrett’s (Peter Rowsthorn) 35-year-old son Timothy (Stephen Curry) has returned to Wollongong. Unfortunately, his homecoming is under less than stellar circumstances, the result of bankruptcy and a mental breakdown in his former […]

Wael Zuaiter: Unknown

About: *Winner Best Sound/Music at the 2015 Green Room Awards Wael Zuaiter: Unkown is a love story set against the backdrop of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Written and created by Jesse Cox it took form as a full length hybrid theatre piece as part of the Next Wave festival in Melbourne. Synopsis: On the […]

Backseat Drivers

Backseat Drivers Intro About: Hosted by Veronica Milsom, this entertainment comedy series sees some of Australia’s funniest comedians get behind the wheel of a taxicab to take the pulse of the nation. Joff’s Notes: This is a great little show for ABC. A sort of current affairs meets comedy meets news meets soap box show […]

New Shows and Backseat Drivers

Joff has three new shows about to air on ABC. Currently you can check out ‘Backseat Drivers’ Tuesday nights on ABC2 or catch it on iView. More news on the other two soon. Busy times yet again.

Joff Wins Best Score

So nice to be getting such a warm response to the A Man On The Edge score. Edward’s film was a gift to write to and its a really great feeling to win best score at the Long Island International Film Expo. Thanks to everyone involved. You can check out A Man On The Edge, […]

The Strange Chores

The Strange Chores Promotional Trailer from Daley Pearson on Vimeo. About: Strange Chores is a series in development through Ludo Studio and ABC. Another goodie lead by the brain of Daley Pearson. Joff’s Notes: Another really fun gig in development. I really wanted to make a really classy brass based score – A sense of […]

Another sleepless Joff

The Joff Bush is about to dive into writing for ABC’s new show: ‘Maximum Choppage’. It’s a show that can absorb a lot of music and so far, it’s looking amazing. On top of this, Joff Bush will be in Melbourne late April/early May to work on more great things. The theatre show, ‘Wael Zuaiter: […]

Radio With Pictures

About Check it out here Radio With Pictures reunites the finest modes of storytelling there are – radio, and pictures. Part radio, part comic Radio With Pictures is a unique storytelling hour come to life as we team up writers, radio makers, musicians with comic, graphic and fine artists for an hour of live radio […]

Composer to watch…

I’m very much honoured to be one of the 2013 American Society of Composers, Authors & Publisher’s 2013 ‘COMPOSERS TO WATCH’. I expect to see a group of tweed covered composer-watchers around inner Sydney any time now. If you’re a composer-watcher, a full description can be found here: