Composer / Musician


Joff’s Notes:

Ivan is a dragon who can’t get it right. After being fired from pulling Santa’s sleigh, he needs a new job. Unfortunately, every attempt at further employment ends in nothing short of terrible catastrophe. However, Ivan eventually finds something he’s actually good at; being a ruthless, fire-breathing dragon.

A waltz plays every time Ivan starts a new job, only to be interrupted moments later when it all goes wrong. This music is only associated with the times Ivan is actually happy in his job. So in the final scene, when Ivan attacks, and possibly murders, a crowd of people, the waltz portrays what would usually be horrifying moment as a genuinely joyous occasion for Ivan.

My aim was to bring out the charming nature of this highly loveavle, yet ultimately homicidal, dragon.

Film By

Peter J. Gawrych
Michael J. Harris

Backgrounds by

Joshua Huf


Youka Snell