Composer / Musician

Lights Please


“Check 1-2. Check 3-4.”

Mashed up, mixed down, compressed and ready for distribution. Rewind. It’s time to divorce the digital to marry the live.

Cue LightsPlease…

Dance, slam poetry, live and digitalised music combine in this interactive performance piece where the line between audience and performance shifts, bends, blurs and breaks. Don’t ask questions. Let your feet do the talking. We’ll do the rest. -Lights Please

“The kind of theatre [co-devisor Genevieve Butler] and I make is contemporary, but it’s more ingrained in popular culture. We use popular content and present it in a contemporary way… We both have a love of physical performance and we’re interested in how dance and music can work together in a performative way.” – Courtney Stewart (Time Off Interview)

Joff’s Notes:

My involvement with this show was mostly a collaboration with dancer FenLan Chuang, together devising a piece for solo dancer and accordion. Our work explored the idea of birth, coming to life, and finding feet. Within the narrative, FenLan acted as a muse character, the embodiment of a developing idea. Working with such a sensitive dancer opened up many possibilities for improvisation, although we did develop and follow a strict structure. Musically, our section of the performance began with exploring the breath-like qualities of the accordion, before it eventually developed into held tones, which over time, and through repetition, grew into the tune. A simple melody emerged as the idea came to life.

Director / Producers

Sexy Knickers (Courtney Stewart and Genevieve Butler)


Joff Bush
Genevieve Butler
Fenlan Chuang
Michael Doherty
David Halaufia
Oluwaseun Kolade (MJ)
Kimie Mizuno
Imraan Paleker
Jeff Paton
Cal Robertson
Courtney Stewart