Composer / Musician

The Brewer’s Nose

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Articles and Hype:

Joff’s Notes:

The Brewers Nose is an app for iPhone that allows the user to:

  • Scan from over 500 beers (Scan the barcode of any beer to get detailed information about the style, taste and heritage of your beer).
  • Locate specific beers using GPS.
  • Compliment meals with the perfect beer.

So the brief was to provide music for the numerous Cascade and other types of beer info videos to be used in the app. They needed to match the Cascade brewery campaign aesthetic, help create a flow between the performances, and not distract from the dialogue. We wanted to keep the music clear and simple while being careful not turn up the ‘quaint’ knob too much.


Luke Tierney

Co-Writer / Collaborator

Ack Kinmonth


Droga 5, The Hive, Cascade