Composer / Musician

Day: November 2, 2011

Oh! The horror!

Recently just finished two horror shorts for Sydney film maker, Ed Lyons. Exciting stuff. A whole batch of other projects shall find their way up into internet land soon

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Thor’s Conundrum

About Watch it here Joff’s Notes I thought it would be interesting to use chip-tone music for a story of the gods rather than the typical faux-epic stuff that these things usually attract. It was really fun and trickier than I thought. The resulting music was a bit of a mix between authentic 8-bit game sounds and bit-crushed live instruments. In the end I feel like it gave the film a sense of fun and nostalgia – especially for people who grew up with 8-bit

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A recent batch of compositions bursting into ears include some tunes written for ‘Pinocchio, histoire d’un coup de latte’. A delicious theatre production that is currently touring in France. Check it out in the ‘projects’ section of this site… or click

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