Composer / Musician

Joff Bush

|ˈjôf|boŏ sh | Noun (Pl. –bushes)

The Joff Bush is a mammal with reddish hair and a musical disposition.


The Joff Bush is a composer of music. However, many experts place Joff Bush in a separate monotypic genus due to his work in sound design, education, performing, arranging and producing.


The central nervous system of the Joff Bush evolved curious strengths in the harsh and rigorous habitats of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Gurus such as Martin Armiger, Gerard Brophy, Edward Primrose encouraged the Joff Bush through a series of daunting challenges in the hope that the mammal was somewhat prepared for the unforgiving wilderness of music and motion pictures.


The Joff Bush feeds on stories and music. During the snacking hours you may spot the Joff Bush roaming fertile lands of film, television, new media, games, theatre, audiobooks, podcasts, concerts and clubs. Whilst grazing these pastures, the mammal is particularly pleased at any opportunity to chomp his way through the delicious ideas of his fellow collaborators.


For the Joff Bush, life in close proximity to collaborators amounts to a ‘symbiotic social adaptation’. Many accounts of a Joff Bush within this arrangement have been documented…

Expert Accounts:

“Joff is someone who really listens to the director’s brief for the musical feeling, then lets the film edit guide his composition and performance. Joff’s results are always excellent – and other filmmakers I have recommended him to have had similar happy experiences.”
David Muir ACS BSC, Director, Cinematographer (Making of Movies).

“The best way to describe how great working with Joff on a film project is that when we’re discussing ideas it feels like I’m talking to a filmmaker who also happens to be a composer.  Simply put, he gets it.”
– Luke Tierney, Filmmaker.

“Joff’s talent to arrange a score for our mixtape not only defines great musicianship, but also an understanding to better a song through the intricate details of music. Undeniably a true modern genius!”
Dave Hallafia, MC Knovell.CAPOTE (The Drone Tree).

“I’ve found in my role as a Writer and Director of both documentaries and drama one of the keys to success is to work with strong, creative and sensitive peoples. Working with Joff on a past project once again confirmed this point to me. Finding the right “fit” of people allows you to take the project to heights you may have not thought possible and the creativity Joff brought to the table did just that.”
Rima Tamau, Writer, Director, Producer

“Even though I’d spent most of two years writing the audio-book and my name was going to be at the top, throughout the recording and editing Joff was always more awake, more interested, and more focused then I was. He was passionate about creating something great, and refused to ignore any minor thing which could be improved. This is the only reason the project turned out so well. I don’t want to imagine what it would have been otherwise.”
Thomas Benjamin Guerney, Writer

“Joff worked beyond our expectations and provided a key creative force within the initial stages; his creative input proved invaluable to the overall production. Joff’s talent, imagination and openess combine to make him a joy to work with”
– Juliette Nivard, Actor, Director (Theatre)

“J… Bush… be… good… composer…”
– Martin Scorsese  (words maybe taken out of context)

Domestic Life

The Joff Bush lives in a nest. It is often littered with such things as:


  • Commercials for such clients as Cascade, Microsoft, Converse Shoes, Vogue, Droga 5, The Hive and more.
  • Such films as $quid and …But a Giant Leap For Mr. Larkin
  • Television productions such as ‘The Family Law’(SBS), ‘#7 Days Later'(ABC), ‘Maximum Choppage'(ABC) and ‘Strange Calls’(ABC)
  • Live works such as ‘Buskers Suite’ (Brisbane City Council), ‘When It Rises’ (Arts Queensland). and ‘Radio With Pictures'(Graphic Festival)
  • Work for theatre companies such as The Queensland Theatre Company, Imaginary Theatre and Vena Cava
  • Interactive projects for Queensland Health, Katakana, and Cascade


  • 2015 Nomination for Best Television Theme – Screen Music Awards – Maximum Choppage.
  • 2015 Best Music/Sound – Green Room Awards (shared with Jesse Cox and Luke Mynott – Sound) – Wael Zwaiter : Unknown.
  • 2014 Best Score – Long Island Intenational FF – Man On The Edge.
  • 2013 ASCAP Composers to Watch.
  • 2013 BADC Awards – Goodlife Gyms.
  • 2009 APRA PDA finalist.
  • 2007 Nomination Best Original Score QFNA Awards
  • 2005- 2006 Audience Choice and 1st place awards for musical ‘Happenin’ Town’, and Best Original Score, 48 hour film competition
  • 2005 Finalist Film Music Category, APRA PDA Awards
  • 2004 Distinctions in the Pacific Song Writing competition
  • 2002 Rhythm Player of the Year Award. ‘Jiants of Jazz’ Competition