Composer / Musician

Coca Cola Viral

Watch it on youtube HERE

Joff’s Notes:

This mockumentary style viral ad tells the story of three friends trying to recreate the famous Coke Summer commercial.
Because of the fast turn around, much of the music is from Ack’s library unreleased tracks that were then edited, arranged, mashed up, digested several times and stuck back together again to fit the film. A bit like how a tailor would fit a suit if the tailor was an idiot.

This musical suit also needed to fit the sprightly, well-toned body of current Coca-Cola marketing agendas. We did our research and got a feel for it. For maximum youtube hip-ness, it was decided to not make it seem ‘too underscorey’. The tracks needed to sound like they were already stand-alone tunes that ‘just happened’ to fit the cut of film in a natural way.

Co-Writer / Collaborator

Ack Kinmonth


The Conscience Organisation