Composer / Musician

Dying Ice


In a world of never-ending sunlight, two races live in a constant state of tension and ill ease. The humans, once members of a great society, now only survive deep underground, sheltered from the withering heat on the surface. The Ashen, unmatched by humans in speed and strength, use their inherited wisdom and natural order to thrive in the harsh conditions above ground.

When Dying Ice, a precious mineral used to cool the inhabitants of this world, is traded for a noble Ashen girl, there is a betrayal that threatens to sever the delicate ties between races and plunge their world into war. (

Joff’s Notes:

Dying Ice is a short sci-fi film that introduces us to a harsh desert world. The music creates a link between the severe landscape and the psychological state of the characters, providing an insight into their desperation. This aids in understanding their motives and the reasons for the ensuing violence.

The score uses improvisations by violinist Youka Snell as a composing tool, and was further developed by singer/sound designer Rosie Chase, who wrote and performed all of the vocals. The cool drumming in the middle was by Ack Kinmonth. They’re all superb minstrels.

Writer / Director

Nick Kacevski


Hadi Tieu-Vinh

Musician / Collaborator

Violin: Youka Snell