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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Part radio, part comic, this unique storytelling series unites the two finest forms of storytelling: radio and pictures.


For Michelle Law, the signs of alopecia started emerging when she was a baby, but it wasn’t until the beginning of high school that she lost her hair entirely.
Since that time, her feelings have evolved toward the unpredictability of this condition, which manifests in parallel with moments of deep psychological change.
A story about transformation and the psychological fallout of overt physical change that touches on ideas of gender, beauty and desirability.
– From ABC Radio National Website

Joff’s Notes:

It’s seems that 2015 led me to be the Law family’s personal composer. Purely by chance, they’re my Medicis.
I use this opportunity to tie in the same sound palate of ‘The Family Law’ to this little story as part of Radio With Pictures 2015


Michelle Law


Gabriel Clark / Que Minh Luu


Timothy Nicastri / Luke Mynott


Meeghan O’Shea