Composer / Musician

Maximum Choppage

Maximum Choppage is a 6 part kung-fu comedy TV series for the ABC.

Plot Summary:

Simon Chan has returned to his hometown of Cabramatta. Whilst everyone thinks he was studying at a legendary martial arts school in Beijing, the truth is he was at Marshall’s Art School, in Melbourne. Skilful with a paintbrush but clueless in combat, Simon is the exact opposite of an action hero. However, due to his mother’s boasting, everyone in Cabramatta thinks he is a kung fu master and the new saviour of their town

Opening Titles

Sex Park

Joff’s Notes:

Max Chop was a crazy fun ride. Almost wall to wall music and plenty of songs kept me very busy for a few months… Check it out on ABC2… Notes coming soon…


Matchbox Pictures / ABC /NBCUniversal


Craig Melville


Sophie Miller / Linda Miskco / Julie Ekersley