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Safety Dance





Safety Dance feature a ratio heavily biased towards the musical end of the spectrum but it’s actually their skills as entertainers which make their set so remarkably enjoyable. A dextrous jazz trio comprised of electric keys, reeds and drums, one cannot fault their musical skill or creativity – keys man Joff Bush in particular showcasing some serious skill- but it’s the gags and commentary they deliver between their compositions that elevate their work. Be it a staged fistfight or contrived rivalries between members, the trio’s set is never anything less than pure joy. – Matt O’Neill, Time Off.

Joff’s Notes:

Safety Dance was started as a reaction to what we saw as the ‘safe’ jazz around Brisbane. As for what we do now, our show speaks for itself. Tony and Joe are both freaking awesome.

Safety Dance are

Joff Bush - Key's Lovin'
Papa Joe - Bari Lovin'
Tony D - All Lovin'