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Snake Sheila


Imagine, you get in your car, you turn the key but there’s a hissing noise coming from under the bonnet. And it’s NOT the radiator.

You lift the bonnet to reveal… two enormous carpet pythons making out.
S-s-s-snakes! They seem to be springing up everywhere in Brisbane of late but there’s no need to panic: the River City unofficially has the most snakecatchers in the world.

Snake Sheila will follow professional snake-catching experts including Julia Baker (aka ‘Snake Sheila’), and her Scottish apprentice and real-life partner, ‘Johnny Bagpipes’, over one snake season where they catch some of Australia’s riskiest reptiles.


Snake Sheila is a 10 x 30min factual TV series for Animal Planet international. It’s a fun factual show from the cool creative team ‘Flickchicks’ in Brisbane.

Joff’s Notes

Snake Sheila is turning out great -it’s currently on air internationally (‘Snake Boss’ in Australia). I was commissioned to write a theme and a small library based on the theme music to scatter throughout the series. The main approach for the titles was to bring out the best bit of the show – Julia Baker (THE Snake Sheila). It need to be cool, fun, and a bit rock n roll. We decided to avoid playing up the ‘danger of the snakes’ or the ‘mission’ angles for various reasons.
I hope to share some audio soon.


Flickchicks / Wildbear / Animal Planet / Discovery


Mandy Lake - Flickchicks