Composer / Musician

…But A Giant Leap For Mr. Larkin

Plot Summary:

Polly the goldfish and her owner Mr. Larkin lead what could only be described as a fascinating life. Day in, day out, they wake up, eat, reflect on lost memories and go back to sleep. The two share a deep bond; a liking for routine, a fear of the world outside their homes, and on Saturdays: cornflakes. On an ordinary day, when they both thought the biggest excitement would be breakfast, something is falling towards them. Today, by coincidence the anniversary of the moon landing, a bizarre visitor will be forced upon them. It will be a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for Mr. Larkin… – Kjetil Andreas Knutsen

Joff’s Notes:

Bud Tingwell plays Mr. Larkin, an ex-pilot who, along with Polly the goldfish, lives a reclusive existence. That is, however, until he’s visited by the apparition of an astronaut, which forces Mr. Larkin to break out of his shell.

The music is all from the point of view of Mr. Larkin himself. The score tips its hat to the dramaturgical and melodic styles of classic era films, which Mr. Larkin would have watched during his days as a young pilot. There are also 1940s style radio tracks playing diegetically throughout the film, reflecting his mood. The upshot of all this is you join Mr. Larkin on his journey; it feels like he’s telling his own story.

Writer / Director

Kjetil Andreas Knutsen


Mathew Ninnes