Composer / Musician

$quid (Short)

Joff’s Notes

Look past, if just for a moment, the giant squid, the unlikely scenario, and the millions of dollars, and you’ll find $quid is essentially a film about friendship and redemption.

The music aims to embody the drama in this friendship, whilst (in the spirit of ‘Jaws’) simultaneously represent the squid. This creates the idea of the squid being a manifestation of Chris’ nastiness and ill-treatment towards his friend.

So when Chris defeats the squid through song, he not only releases his friend from the creature’s grasp, but also triumphs over this representation of all his nasty ways.

Squid is currently being made as a feature length film due for release late 2011.

Writer / Director / Producer

Daley Pearson
Luke Tierney

Recording Engineers

Peter Young
Naomi Ham
Yeo Choong
Zahiah Jumat

Song Lyrics

Kristen Haynes