#7 Days Later : Season 1

What a crazy fun ride it was. Check out all the episodes in the projects section of this site. A brilliant bunch of people to work with.

#7 Days Later

Plot Summary: #7DaysLater is an interactive TV show made in 7 days by YOU the audience. Made from scratch in 7 Days meant that the score is done in more like 7 hours… EPISODE 1 : Drama Queen EPISODE 2 : Aliens EPISODE 3 : Zombies EPISODE 4 : Heist EPISODE 5 : Cowboys EPISODE […]

Goodlife Wins Bronze

Great to receive news that the Goodlife Gyms musical rebrand has received BRONZE in the jingle/music category at the BADC awards. Check it out in the Projects section of this site.

Radio With Pictures

Big thanks to everyone who came to Radio with Pictures live at the Sydney Opera House. If you missed it and missed the Radio National broadcast you can view some of the stories in all their pictorial glory here: radiowithpictures.com.au

#7 Days Later

Joff Bush has been completely lost to the world as we know it… and stuck in the world of ABC2’s #7 Days Later… You can check out how he’s going at www.facebook.com/7DaysLaterTV It’s a crazy fun show!

Joff Bush in the Best of Brass Concert

If you’re in Brisbane on July 24th theres a great concert by Best Of Brass. Attendees will catch many delights including the premiere of the delicious piece ‘Suite For Short Attention Spans’. Check out www.bobquintet.com for details. Dooooo iiiiiiiit.

Long Story Short – Radio National

Some of Joff Bush’s little ditties can be found in some of these incredible stories. He recommends checking them out and subscribing on as many different platforms as you can. LISTEN HERE

The Strange Calls

Trailer Making the music Website: http://thestrangecalls.abc.net.au/ Joff’s Notes: Notes coming soon

The Strange Calls Music

Here’s a little look into how I wrote the music for Strange Calls… With a focus on the 2nd episode.

The Strange Calls

Episode 1 Premieres Tuesday, 16 October at 9:30 on ABC 2. You can start exploring the world of The Strange Calls here : http://thestrangecalls.abc.net.au/


This delicious little ditty by writer / director, Luke Tierney is finished. You can check it out in the ‘projects’ section of the site.


Grender from Luke Tierney on Vimeo. Plot Summary: A scientist reflects on his inspiration for creating a “milestone in human history” machine. Joff’s Notes: Grender is a beautifully ridiculous ‘mood piece’ by director Luke Tierney. The music we went for was simple and slightly Coplandesque – evoking a sort of ‘pioneer spirit’.

Where has Joff Bush been?

Hello. It’s been 6 months since the slightest chirp was heard from Joff Bush in internet land. He’s been locked away in a cubicle in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley finishing the ABC TV series ‘Strange Calls’ and some other things that cannot be announced yet. More updates soon. It’s time to dust off this old Website.

Oh! The horror!

Recently just finished two horror shorts for Sydney film maker, Ed Lyons. Exciting stuff. A whole batch of other projects shall find their way up into internet land soon too.

Thor’s Conundrum

About Watch it here Joff’s Notes I thought it would be interesting to use chip-tone music for a story of the gods rather than the typical faux-epic stuff that these things usually attract. It was really fun and trickier than I thought. The resulting music was a bit of a mix between authentic 8-bit game […]


A recent batch of compositions bursting into ears include some tunes written for ‘Pinocchio, histoire d’un coup de latte’. A delicious theatre production that is currently touring in France. Check it out in the ‘projects’ section of this site… or click here.


About ‘Pinocchio, Hisoire D’un Coup De Latte’ is a fun, witty and original interpretation of the story of Pinocchio. It originally toured around France in late 2011. www.barbarianphilosophers.org Joff’s Notes This was a really fun project. The approach was simply to write music that I felt described the characters in Pinocchio. The music and the production […]

The Maestros on TV

Pay TV people can catch the shortened version of The Maestros on SBS Stvdio, Wednesday, 13 July at 7pm. You can check the ‘projects’ section of this website for a taste of the music.

Back In Action

So ‘Ol’ Screw Thumb’ is back in action playing a few gigs. Keep you posted. Two new projects will be up soon too…

Coca Cola Viral

Watch it on youtube HERE Joff’s Notes: This mockumentary style viral ad tells the story of three friends trying to recreate the famous Coke Summer commercial. Because of the fast turn around, much of the music is from Ack’s library unreleased tracks that were then edited, arranged, mashed up, digested several times and stuck back […]

Joff Bush now a Cyborg.

I’m out of action gig-wise to undergo hand surgery. So far it’s been successful and I hope to have my new right hand (screws and all) working properly in about six weeks time.

Chuck Taylors

aroundtheworldonchucktaylors.com Joff’s Notes: Around The World On Chuck Taylors is a Converse Shoes sponsored online adventure series starring Xander Burge as he travels the world wearing his iconic Chuck Taylors shoes.

Thor’s Conundrum

Currently getting my chiptone on for new animation ‘Thor’s Conundrum’.

Coca-Cola Viral

Joff Bush and Ack Kinmonth finish original music for coca-cola viral, ‘3 guys attempt to recreate the ‘Coke’ Bottle Blast Ad’. Check it out HERE


Joff Bush is part of the talented team at Aurigami music and sound. Check us out here.

The Brewer’s Nose

Check it out / Download it here . Articles and Hype: The Australian news.com.au Joff’s Notes: The Brewers Nose is an app for iPhone that allows the user to: Scan from over 500 beers (Scan the barcode of any beer to get detailed information about the style, taste and heritage of your beer). Locate specific […]

‘The Brewer’s Nose’ iPhone App.

Joff Bush and Ack Kinmonth finish original music for iPhone app ‘The Brewers Nose’. The app, set to be released by the end of the month, was created by Droga 5 and The Hive for Cascade. Read more about the glory here or visit the Cascade website here.

Microsoft 7 Film Festival

Joff’s Notes: The brief for this was “epic, epic, EPIC!” Epic? What flavour? We tried the Braveheart-war-tragedy-epic style but there was too much smiling and it didn’t quite feel right while the Zimmer-goddamn-hero-epic style just wasn’t much fun either… Morricone! Yes an ‘Ecstasy of Gold’- style epic-ness seemed to be bold enough while tapping into […]

Strange Calls

Joff’s Notes: Strange Calls is a comedy series currently in development for the ABC starring Barry Crocker and Toby Truslove. It’s ‘Mother and Son meets The X files’ and is going to be fantastic. Here is a little taste of the score. Look out for it in 2012.

…But A Giant Leap For Mr. Larkin

Plot Summary: Polly the goldfish and her owner Mr. Larkin lead what could only be described as a fascinating life. Day in, day out, they wake up, eat, reflect on lost memories and go back to sleep. The two share a deep bond; a liking for routine, a fear of the world outside their homes, […]

$quid (Short)

Joff’s Notes Look past, if just for a moment, the giant squid, the unlikely scenario, and the millions of dollars, and you’ll find $quid is essentially a film about friendship and redemption. The music aims to embody the drama in this friendship, whilst (in the spirit of ‘Jaws’) simultaneously represent the squid. This creates the […]

Rudiger Meets Mr. Salmon

Plot summary: Rudiger, a banker, and Mr Salmon, a tycoon, a surprised when they meet each other for the first time. And the second. And the third… Hold on to your hats! Joff’s Notes: I wanted the music to have a sense of improvisation, as if the pianist was watching the film for the first […]

Stay In Bed Day 2

Summary: Stay in Bed Day was an event aimed at raising awareness and support for sufferers of mitochondrial disease. Joff’s Notes: The music for this installment of the Stay In Bed Day campaign aims for a triumphant ‘Bolero’ feel while the exaggerated crashing and spilling of the sound design tells a different story.